UTIA Brand Standards for the Web

A strong brand carries through an organization’s look, its words, and its culture—both in person and virtually. Our website is often the first interaction our future clientele, partners, students, and faculty and staff members have with UTIA. A consistent, cohesive, accessible site helps us to provide them with the Real. Life. Solutions. they seek.

Our Written Identity

The UTIA Editorial Guide sets recommendations to ensure we communicate our identity clearly in text. It provides a framework for consistent communication to our audiences—the public, our clientele, our alumni and friends, our students, and the media.

Writing for the Web

The UTIA Brand Standards website has best practices for writing website content.

Technical Guidelines

Technical Guidelines regarding accounts and infrastructure, domain names, and maintenance of websites can also be found on the UTIA Brand Standards website.

Using Photography

Just as our text content tells a story, so does our visual content. Choose images intentionally, rather than dropping in any picture just to fill white space. Images should convey impact and meaning just as text does. There are guidelines that should be followed when selecting images for the web.

Website users expect an organization’s website to have a cohesive tone and voice. In other words, they expect a site to sound as if the same author is writing every page. Following this guide will help you create content that is similar in feel to other sites under the UT Institute of Agriculture umbrella.

Our Voice

We are proud to create Real. Life. Solutions. for our fellow Tennesseans and our partners around the world. We are experts in our fields—and your next door neighbor. Our students are tomorrow’s leaders. We take on the grand challenges of tomorrow, and we champion the opportunities the field of agriculture provides.

Our Tone

Our tone is conversational, yet direct, simple, and educational in nature. We use plain language to help our readers understand complex subjects. We avoid using acronyms, and if they are used, we spell them out on first reference. We value brevity.

Marketing Tools Learning Path

Follow the Marketing Tools Learning Path to learn about blocks that display events and news on your website.