Calendar Embed Code

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In order to display events associated with your website, you can create a calendar widget and add it to your website.

The first step in creating the widget is to select Widget Builder in the Share Events box on the website.

Screen shot of the Shared Events instructions.

Once on the Build an Events Widget page, select all the appropriate details about the widget you want to build such as what template to use (UTIA Events), number of results to show, which department(s) to show their events, and more.

  1. Template, select UTIA Events
  2. Content: Groups and Departments. Select the appropriate Group or Department. Be specific.*

*The query that is run is an OR, not an AND. You will not be filtering content down by selecting multiple parameters. For example: Selecting UT Extension and UT Extension Anderson County will bring ALL UT Extension events and ALL UT Extension Anderson County events resulting in events that are not relevant to the county.

This is a change to the alt text in the media library
This is a test of the caption box in the media library

NOTE: In order for recurring events to show all dates associated with the event, you must check the “Include All Matching Instances” box.

You can also filter the events to show in the widget by using keywords and tags.

Once you have selected all of the appropriate details about your widget, select Generate Embed Code and then copy the code presented in the Widget Embed Code box.

To add the UTIA calendar block to your website, follow these steps.