Info Box

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Where do I start?

Info Box Block is a Kadence block allows you to style content and/or images in a box. Instructions and demonstrations can be found at their website.

NOTE: On 3/10/2023, the Kadence Block update changed the hover effects on the Info Box. Please review the third video down in the Instructions link to learn how to change the border around the Info Box when the cursor hovers over the Info Box. If you do not want a border on hover, it will need to be set to 0.

Accessibility Tips

  • Color Contrast will not be an issue with this block as the color options are locked down – the color options found on the referenced website are not available.
  • Please ensure that the text font size is at least 16px for accessibility purposes.


As a public university it is crucial to ensure our information is accessible to everyone that visits our websites. To assist content owners in this effort, UTIA has created certain boundaries within the UTIA WordPress environment. These boundaries are designed to help content owners from inadvertently violating established accessibility standards. Therefore, instructions at external websites may show features that we have disabled.