UTIA Post Block

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Where Do I Start?

You will find the UTIA Post in UTIA Custom Blocks.

screen shot of UTIA Posts block

Set Up Post Block

  • Block Title – The default for this field if blank is the name of the posts page. Enter the Block Title if a different title is desired.
  • View More Link – The default for this field is the URL of the posts page. If you want this block to pull by category or tag, enter the link to a category or link page filter.
  • Select the Add Image button if a different placeholder image is desired. The default is the UTIA logo placeholder image.
  • Select the Orientation of the Blog Widget.
  • To filter by an existing category, click in the text box below Category and the available categories will drop down. Select the category/categories you would like to filter by. If no categories are selected, it will pull every article into the widget. If you’re just starting a blog, and do not have any categories set up, you will see “Uncategorized” as your only category.
  • To filter by an existing blog tag, click the Tag and available tags will drop down.
Screenshot of the options for UTIA Blog Widget
Screenshot of the UTIA blog categories

Finished Product

UTIA Blog Widget