YouTube Embed Block

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Where do I start?

YouTube Embed is a WordPress block to allow you to embed video on your webpage. Demonstrations and how to use the block can be found at their website.

Accessibility Tips

WCAG 1.2.2: All videos are to have synchronized captions embedded into the video. Please do not totally depend on the auto-generated captions generated by YouTube – it is not 100% accurate, as YouTube uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate the captions. Additionally, the transcript should be housed on the same page as the video itself, or the transcript should be used to edit the auto-generated captions generated by YouTube. To learn how to edit captions generated by YouTube, please visit UTK OIT’s Quick Reference on Captioning Videos on YouTube.


As a public university it is crucial to ensure our information is accessible to everyone that visits our websites. To assist content owners in this effort, UTIA has created certain boundaries within the UTIA WordPress environment. These boundaries are designed to help content owners from inadvertently violating established accessibility standards. Therefore, instructions at external websites may show features that we have disabled.